Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prolong the Life of Your Chimney With Professional Tuckpointing Services

Tuckpointing refers to a process that involves replacing or repairing your chimney's mortar. Tuckpointing should only be completed by an expert. Although the bricks in your chimney are meant to last for a long time, the mortar can easily decay or become damaged. Using your chimney causes normal wear and tear of mortar joints. These joints hold the bricks in place and holds the chimney upright. Therefore, any damage that occurs to your chimney's brickwork can be extremely detrimental and cost a lot of money and time to rectify.

Since any damage on your chimney is expensive, you can apply the use of professional tuckpointing services in Chicago to prevent excessive damage and costs, like stitching a tear in cloth before it’s extensively broken down. You need to seek expert advice whenever you suspect any damage to your chimney, which might be a leak or a break in the mortar. As the mortar wears out, you need to repair it as soon as possible to prevent paying for a costly chimney rebuild.

How does it work?

A professional masonry grinds the old mortar that holds the bricks together. This is done carefully and tactfully without causing damage to the entire structure. Once they have removed the old worn out mortar, the professionals replace it with new, stronger mortar. Tuckpointing should be completed by a professional to give it a neat finishing; it can look new when carried out carefully and professionally.

Seamless blending:

The mortar has to be inserted well in order to look great. To achieve this, we use the right color that matches the bricks and the mortar. It's supposed to blend seamlessly without showing any color breaks or crevices, and that is why you need only a professional Tuckpointing Company in Chicago to do it for you.

New mortar works better:

Remember that as times goes, your chimney's mortar ages and wears out very quickly. When you notice that the mortar is deteriorating, it's time you call a professional person to fix it using a certified tuckpointing process. When completed by a professional, your chimney can look as good as new. It will also prevent more damages and keep your chimney performing smoothly.

Tuckpointing insulates your home:
Tuckpointing doesn't only preserve your chimney but also protects your home, it acts to shield your home from raging winds that enter through the chimney. Proper tuckpointing closes all the cracks and crevices used by intruding bugs to your home; it also helps during the winter season since helps vent the smoke.

The above point discusses how tuckpointing can prolong the life of your chimney. Having a chimney last a lifetime is realistic, especially when you employ the services of a professional tuckpointing company such as Capital Chimney Corp. You can read about our tuckpointing Chicago services here:

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